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Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Removal

Do you own a restaurant property that you want to convert to retail or office space? Then you need assistance from Crestone Mechanical.

Safety Equipment for Equipment Removal

Safe Removal of Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hoods and Fans

Restaurant Ventilation Systems need to be demolished/removed by skilled professionals. Even a well-cleaned ventilation system is unpleasant to remove. But the systems in a failed restaurant may not have seen recent cleaning or maintenance and is likely to be a frightful mess filled with grease and possibly even toxic mold.

To make matters more complex, ventilation systems will certainly have outside components, including heavy roof-mounted equipment that is dangerous and even impossible to remove without specialized skills and equipment.

We provide the following services: Restaurant kitchen exhaust hood, duct and fan removal, restaurant kitchen exhaust system removal and demolition. We remove restaurant exhaust hoods and other application of commercial kitchen and cooking hood vents.

Safe Removal of Restaurant Hoods, Fans and Ductwork

Crestone Mechanical’s skilled installers have years of experience not only installing, but also in safely removing exhaust hoods, ductwork, and exhaust fans. All members of our team are fully covered under WSIB to protect you from liability. We have access to specialized equipment to move heavy equipment from building exteriors, including the roof, to protect your building for costly damage during demolition/removal.

Safe Removal of Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

Most restaurants have sophisticated fire suppression systems. Maintenance  and removal of these systems MUST be done by a qualified contractor. If you don’t have the necessary skills or training you risk dumping the contents of the system. This could result in serious injury or even death! Let our experienced and fully insured technicians deal with this complex removal.